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New Enrolment Information

Please click on the document headings below to find out more about our school or to begin the enrolment process.

Enrolment Zone

Out of zone students are welcome to apply.  Our 2018 out of zone application deadline dates are:

 Term Out of Zone Application Deadline 
1, 2018 Friday 23 March 2018
2, 2018 Friday 22 June 2018
3, 2018 Friday 7 September 2018
1, 2019 Friday 30 November 2018

Please click on the links below for further information about our enrolment zone.

We are very happy to show you around our school. Please contact us to make a time to have a look around and ask questions.

Pre-Enrolment Form and Zone Information

Please note that copies of the forms and information below can be requested from the office. Additional information, forms and leaflets are required/available on enrolment.


Pre-enrolment form and zone information

Pre-school Partnership Programme

Oropi School Top 10

Health and Permission Form

Year 7 and 8 Booklet