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Welcome to Oropi School



Our Mission 

'Inspiring our students to believe in themselves and realise their potential within our rural community, so they can move forward as confident, contributing members of society.'

 'Toi tu te mana, toi tu te whenua, toi tu te tangata'

Our Vision 

Oropi School exists to educate our students through experimental learning and personalised opportunities, in doing so we guide them to know their strengths.  Our rural school caters for children from years 1 to 8, developing leadership and a sense of tuakana-teina (close, co-operative, mutually-respectful relationships) across the school.  A place where children can be children, take considered risks, exploring new ideas and have a sense of excitement about their own life-long learning.

Our Values

Respect - Whakanui

What Respect Looks Like At Oropi School 

Responsibility - Takohanga

What Responsibility Looks Like At Oropi School

Excellence – Hiranga

What Excellence Looks Like At Oropi School