Oropi School

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Menu's 2023

Apple and cinnamon mini muffins

Apple and orange tea cake.pdf

Apple sponge pudding

Apple, feijoa and rhubard crumble

Asian style cucumber salad

Avocado, tomato and cucumber salad

Bang bang cauliflower

Beetroot and chocolate cake

Broccoli balls

Cabbage patties, with herb and garlic sauce

Cabbage, cucumber and corn salad

Carrot mini muffin

Cauliflower and greens and pasta bake

Citrus mini muffins

Citrus slaw

Citrus tart

Coconut slice with a citrus syrup

Confetti spaghetti

Courgette tacos with greens pesto

Courgette tacos with greens pesto

Feijoa and cherry guava chocolate cake

Feijoa and chocolade mini muffins

Feijoa crumble shortcake

Flatbread with herbs

Flatbread with herbs (vegan)

Flatbread with herbs and garlic butter

Green salad with honey mustard dressing

green salad with soy and sesame dressing

Honey and lemon muffin

Jam drops (with cherry guava jam)

Japanese cabbage pancake

Kale and mandarin salad 

Lemon curd mini muffins

Louise cake with cherry guava jam

Mandarin upside down cake

Mandarin, persimmon, lemon and coconut tea biscuit

Minestrone soup

Minestrone with pesto

mini chocolate and feijoa muffins

Mini chocolate cup cakes with chantilly cream and macerated strawberries

Mixed green salad with avocado dressing

Mixed veggie traybake

No yeast bread rolls with herb and garlic butter

Oven baked curly fries with a herb dipping sauce

Oven baked courgette patties

Persimmon upside down cake

Potato and greens red curry

Pumpkin and chocolate mini muffins

Pumpkin and potato gnocchi with a greens pesto

Pumpkin and potato gnocchi

Pumpkin and spring onion pasta bake

Rhubarb and chocolate mini muffins

Roast baby potato, tomato, spinach and courgette salad with a creamy tahini dressing

Strawberry and rhubarb cake


Turnip, carrot and kamo kamo soup

Vegetable biryani

Vegetable fried rice

Vegetable tagine

Vegetarian chilli

Veggie pasta salad with pesto