Oropi School

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As a school we take the health and safety of our children on school buses seriously. We want to ensure that the buses are not overcrowded and that children riding the bus are safe. This is additional to the behavioural requirements we have in place already, which is part of the signed agreement.

As a result of our bus review we would like to draw your attention to the following.

Priority Guide:

The following outlines the priority for who gets to use the bus services.

1a. In Zone with siblings already using the bus

1b. In Zone with no siblings using the bus

2. Out of zone with siblings already using the bus

3. Out of zone with no siblings using the bus

Registering your Intention to have a child use the bus: 

If you wish for your child to use one of the buses, you must complete the Bus Agreement form located on the school website and hand it into the office or email it to office@oropi.school.nz The office will then log your intention and get back to you as to when your child will have a space available on the relevant bus. PLEASE do not assume there is a space on the bus you are considering. Some of our buses now have a wait list. The office will be able to advise of space availability. 

New Entrant children and those in their first 6 months of school 

We strongly advise children in this category not to use the school bus, especially when they do not have an older sibling who is already using the bus. Please put very careful thought into this when considering your child's transportation to and from school.

Thank you.