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Kōkako Kitchen Cookbook

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The Kokako Kitchen is a thoughtful and delicious collection of recipes lovingly brought to you by Oropi School. Enjoy nourishing meals, stunning salads and tasty baking that have been prepared in Oropi School’s Kokako Kitchen using seasonal produce harvested from the school gardens. Every recipe has been tried and tested by Oropi School students and given the seal of approval to become family favourites!

This beautiful book is a reflection of Oropi School’s Garden To Table journey, celebrating our beautiful rural school and our award-winning garden to table programme. Garden To Table is a hands on programme where children are engaged in the school’s garden and kitchen to learn how to: Grow, Harvest, Prepare, Share.

All funds raised from the sale of the Kokako Kitchen cookbook will go back into the Garden to Table programme so the students at Oropi School can continue to engage in this amazing programme.

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