Oropi School

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Our Classes 


 Mrs Sarah Weston             Miss Emma Robinson

New Entrant - Year 0 - 1

We are passionate about successful transitions to school, and we enjoy working alongside families as their children transition to school.  We run a play-based approach to learning, where children develop the Key Competencies and have ownership over their learning.


Miss Jordan Williams
Miss Abby Fleury 

Year 1 - 2

Piwakawaka is a group of Year 1 & 2 learners that enjoy exploring their world and learning new things. We are an active bunch and love singing and dancing. Play-based philosophy has a strong influence in our classroom and we love spending time making, creating and building in the shed and in the classroom.


Mrs Amanda King                Mrs Rachelle Hodgson

Year 2 - 3

Tui is a wonderful bunch of Year 2 & 3 learners.  We are still highly engaged in Learning Through Play opportunities.  We are beginning to further develop our research skills through passion projects and student-led inquiry and play.  We love hands on activities and keeping active.


Miss Jaimee Donaldson 

Year 3 - 4

Ruru is a Year 3 /4 class of dynamic, creative and aspiring young minds.  We love to be inquiring, exploring and having fun through our learning.  We celebrate achievements large and small and appreciate what each individual brings to our learning.  We work collaboratively to achieve our goals and believe that we are all paddling together in our waka (boat) down the awa (river) of learning.


Mrs Emma Norton
Mrs Jenny Tappenden

Year 4 - 5


Mrs Demelza Pendergrast Miss Anna Bowley

Year 5 - 6

In Kōtare, we love being creative and solving problems.  As part of Otanewainuku team, we are learning to become more self-managed and responsible for our own learning.  We are also learning to be great senior role models at Oropi school, and follow our school moto - Whaia te Matauranga - Be all you can be  

Te Kokako O Otanewainuku

Whaea Hinenui 

Year 3 - 7

Te Kokako O Otanewainuku is our Bilingual class.  You can find more information under their separate tab.


Mr Robert Lewis                     Mr Scott Higgins

Year 6 - 8

Te Ohanga is the year 7/8 class at Oropi School.  Their teacher is the wonderful Mr Lewis.  Among other things, they enjoy attending Technology classes once a week and the many leadership opportunities offered to them as seniors at the school.